What is Robotic Process Automation – RPA and what are the tips or ways forward to RPA?

What is Robotic Process Automation – RPA and what are the tips or ways forward to RPA?

What the successful tips that you need to follow to automate your process?

First is you need to:

1. Know and understand the process you are planning to automate:

Once you know the process and see what is that you want to achieve the outcome of the process, and once you know the process you need to document it and make sure that they follow the procedure’s and results that you expected to achieve after the automation before automation.

2. You need to document the process:

Challenge if there are no documentation, every process needs to be documented the first, if it is not yet been done, it is a good time put process like ISO process and to see that it is clearly documented using best practices. Every one from the top management to everyone who is involved in delivering the finished product or out come should be a part of the process to be successful.


3. RPA Skills needed in the area of your automation:

If the process is not documented and you would look into a RPA company to do this for you, you need to find an expertise in lines of your business so that the project is successfully implemented. The purpose of this exercise is to get the whole Lifecyle of the process implemented with agility and rapid turn around.  RPA tools achieve this.

4. Not big bang approach:

Automate what is needed in a small way and build as you progress

5. Long term strategy should be your goal:

Your thought process should be in the long run to automate all the process but the solution that you buy should be scalable, adaptable and with ease of use.

6. Don’t customer build:

Look for ready-made solution for the industry that you are in and choose the solution accordingly and then slightly modify according to your needs rather than work on a bespoke system which will be challenging later along with support too.

7. Time is the essence:

When you are working on the automating a process choose to start with the most time consuming and laborious and work out how long it would take to churn out into  a robotic process where in you would get good ROI and work on each processes the same way and implement the highest ROI first to last.  This way you will achieve the maximum output out of RPA.