Corporate Performance Management For Business

Corporate Performance Management For Business

Increasing Corporate Performance Is Important

Corporate Performance Management

An increasingly relevant topic incorporates information technology is Corporate Performance Management (CPM). This is especially true for organizations that rely on Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence (ERP) solutions. For such organizations, an efficient CPM solution is necessary to deliver the desired business results.

In an organization, one of the most important things is to reduce costs, cut costs, and change the cost structure. Where companies fail to do this, they suffer the consequences - from financial loss to a detrimental effect on business and staff morale. One example of such an occurrence is the decision to move away from a standalone ERP system to using a combination of ERP and Cloud-based tools.

Moving from ERP to Cloud is a logical choice for most ERP implementations. The ERP system is an expensive way to manage the organization's IT infrastructure. It has many limitations which cloud computing can overcome and this is why the costs of implementation of an ERP system are so high and the benefits of the solution may never materialize.

When comparing the costs involved in an ERP and an enterprise resource planning (ERP/ERP+Cloud) setup, the results reveal that there is a clear benefit in moving to a Cloud solution. Costs of cloud computing allow for greater scalability and this is the reason why enterprise resource planning is becoming the preferred method of monitoring IT operations.

Cloud applications are generally more reliable and available to almost any company due to the growing number of providers providing similar solutions. While enterprises use them for a variety of purposes, one of the reasons why companies still prefer ERP/ERP+Cloud is that it provides easier access to shared resources (storage, databases, networks) as compared to local implementations. Another benefit is the ease of setup and maintenance of the software. Cloud computing is particularly effective for those companies which operate on a limited budget or have limited IT resources and infrastructure.

When choosing a provider for Corporate Performance Management software, one should always look for a partner who has extensive experience in the field of business intelligence (BI) and ERP systems. Customers tend to shy away from less experienced providers and they will most likely only choose the best providers available.

Although the traditional ways of implementing BI systems are still in use, the speed and flexibility of Cloud-based solutions are now being recognized by many businesses. The benefits that organizations will realize through a Cloud-based solution include:

A cloud-based BI application allows users to view data and reports within a few clicks. The user can also save time searching for data and combining this data into useful reports.

Once a business organization has decided to migrate from a standalone BI application to a Cloud-based solution, the benefits of transitioning from ERP to Cloud are enormous. The ease of deployment is not only possible but a significant barrier for some organizations and their decision to move their business over to Cloud.

Organizations that run with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems tend to be extremely familiar with them. With the introduction of cloud computing, they have the advantage of being able to take advantage of the advantages of cloud computing without having to change the way they do business. Organizations with high-level knowledge of ERP systems may also be able to implement Cloud systems, although this requires some effort on the part of the enterprise business process management (BPM) team.

There are now many leading providers of corporate performance management software, including Onestream, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Workday, Adaptive Insights, Board, Tagitek, Anaplan, Host Analytics & Microsoft. This is a significant addition to the market because they offer a huge range of services to suit every type of business.

The areas of expertise cover CFO's and finance office:

  1. Financial Planning & Budgeting

  2. Financial Consolidation

  3. Longterm Strategic Planning

  4. IFRS 16

  5. IFRS 19

  6. Balance Scorecard

  7. Profitablity and Cost Management

  8. Activity Based Costing

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