Benefits of ERP software

Benefits of ERP software

Here are some benefits of ERP software:-


1) GST Compliant – DNS ERP Software is fully GST compliant comprising of HSN Code, SGST, CGST, IGST and UTGST and Customer and Vendor Code linked to Intra State and Inter-State transactions.

2) Dashboard with Graphical Representation – Top Management’s e-Secretary- All you needed to understand at one glance status of the whole Organization whether in Office or on the move.

3) Sales Order based Scheduling-Material Planning and Production Planning supported Schedule.

4) Vendor Rating – Categorize Vendor into A, B & C and release warning letters.

5) MRP – ROL-wise, ORI-wise and Multiple Work Order-wise-Helps you to scale back huge Inventory holding cost the maximum amount as 15% with the assistance of DNS inbuilt Algorithm developed after years of experience from the Inventory Experts & Consultants.

6) Barcode for FG items – Saves Despatch Department time and eliminates dispatching wrong Material or Quantity.

7) ASN Facility – Linking with major ERP software like SAP, Oracle, etc.

8) In-depth Inventory Management System - Gives you 99.9% accuracy of Stock status lying in multiple locations including goods at Sub Contractor as also Customer’s material lying in our location.

9) Stock Availability Alerts - Sends alerts for critical items when falling below Reorder Level to save lots of last-minute rush and delayed Customer delivery.

10) Scientific Costing with Graphical Representation – Helps you to quote highly competitive price at the same time is profitable too.

11) Comprehensive QC Model - Taking care of all of your ISO Documents.

12) User-friendly and every one compliant Payroll module - Salaries of 800+ Employees (or even more) are often generated in 5 Minutes by just click of a button !!!

13) Auto Email & Auto SMS facility – Send Automatic Monthly Payable report back to your clients on the primary of every month.

14) Create unlimited Reports as per your format by yourself – this suggests 100% satisfaction to Users as Reports are consistent with your defined Formats.

15) Multiple Alternate Bill of fabric for the same item- Saving huge time in maintaining Multiple FG Items codes for slight variants of fabric.

16) Comprehensive Accounts Module – GL Linkages gives no scope of creating errors while making transactions. all kinds of taxes linked to Accounts and to get and Sales transactions.

17) Saves User errors and Duplicate work - Frequently used Data are provided as Dropdowns to settle on from rather than typing. Copy Similar documents like Quotation, order, Sales Order is often copy-pasted and created as new documents within seconds.

18) Very Strong and Robust Security - Define who can access inside Office and allow/Restrict access outside Office premises.

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